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Likhaya Plumbing supply and install heat pumps throughout the Cape Town and the whole of Western Cape Province. The company directors have over 10 years experience in heat pumps and heating systems. Whether its an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump, the installation and maintenance teams are well skilled and trained to standard and knowledge. Working in all types of properties from bespoke homes, council projects to mid-terrace houses. We believe no one heat pump make or model fits the vast variety of houses that are in Cape Town and South Africa at large.

From design to installation we will pick the most suitable heat pump fit to your property, like a tailored suit to fit the body, no one suit fits all…!! Likhaya Plumbing’s heat pumps installers are accredited by all the leading heat pump manufactures and work closely with them to make sure you stay warm on the coldest day in winter. Heat pumps will become normal in Cape Town over the coming years and we are very well experienced to deal with the switch away from fossil fuels and carbon-emitting heating systems. 

We offer installations to domestic house owners or sellers of the technology to their customers. From start to finish we can offer the full package. Working with and alongside homeowners, business owners, self-builders, heating engineers, builders, consultants, architects we can work with you all.


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Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps also use electricity to heat our homes. They are capable of turning 1kw of electricity into 3 to 4 KW of heat to heat a hot water cylinder, radiators or underfloor heating. Thus being 300 to 400 % efficient. Air source heat pumps will be located outside a property and look very similar to air conditioning units. They use the heat in the outdoor air so no collectors or boreholes.

The air source heat pump components will be sited inside your home with the hot water cylinder. Air source heat pumps will work in air temperatures down to -15 degrees centigrade and have been used in colder countries for many many years!

Air source heat pumps are capable of heating Cape TOWN properties all year long.

Air source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps use electricity to heat our homes. They are capable of turning 1 KW of electricity to run the unit into 3 to 4 KW of heat to heat a hot water cylinder, radiators or underfloor heating. Thus being 300 to 400 % efficient! Ground source heat pumps will have a collector attached to them this will be in a form trenches outside of the property garden/field etc or in the shape of boreholes if no land or big enough garden available. Boreholes are generally 4/5 inches wide and can do down into the earth around 100 meters. Ground source heat pumps give you a constant efficiency as the ground never loses heat, unlike air source heat pumps which may drop in efficiency in the colder months.

Under floor heating

Underfloor heating has been around for many many years. The first underfloor heating system was used by the Romans! Underfloor heating is a great way to heat our homes whether a new build or existing property there are many different solutions to install underfloor heating on the market today. Unlike radiators, UHF has a bigger surface area than traditional radiators so bigger surface area gives us the chance to run lower temperatures into the system resulting in lower running costs than radiators. Most UHF systems will have a thermostat in every room so you have total control of your system and will not be heating unused spaces.